We empower women and girls to influence decision making in cities through e-democracy
E-Women - is an online platform where women express their ideas on cities' improvement using e-petitions. Currently, most architects, planners and policy makers are still men, and this means that the cities policy making lacks women's perspective. When we get more women at the table, naturally the perspective, the needs and the talents of women can start showing up in the built environment. And e-democracy is one of the tools through which women can get better access to cities' governance.

Challenges for women in cities
These are only few examples of issues which affect women in built environment
Poor lighting
Women in the city, who have no option but to pass through dark streets, take each step with the constant fear of violence towards them.
Badly planned transport infrustructure
In 2014, UN Women conducted a poll showing that over 90% of women had experienced violence when accessing public transport.
Lack of amenities for women
Safe, free and comfortable spaces for women to stop and nurse their babies in the public realm must be designed into the city. These spaces could simultaneously be rest areas for pedestrians of all walks of life.
Inspiring Women Mayors
Women Mayor from all over Europe are sharing their experience of making cities friendly to women and girls.
Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris
"Women are also massively under-represented in the political spaces where decisions are made on policies. Effects of climate change in cities, for example, affect women more than men. If nothing changes, then women will inevitably suffer the most"
Karin Wanngard, Mayor of Stockholm
We need to work more with gender
equality in politics overall.
Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw
"Women in public life are often underestimated.It still happens, that better qualified women can't break
glass ceiling. It is way I strongly support
parities and women rights".

Register a petition to make a change! Every petition which receives 500 votes will be considered by the local government
More lights for Hlynanskyi prospect in Lviv
Hlynianskyi prospect in Lviv is dangerous to walk at night. There is not sufficient light at the middle and the end of the street.
New pedestrian should be built on Horodotska street!

Evere day hundrads of people are taking risk when crossing the Horodotska street 34. A need of the new pedestrian is caused by a recent supermarket opening which attracts many people in the area.
More sport activities for girls in public park on Levandivka
A new park on Levandivka has little space for girls and women due to the large football field which occupies 70% of the new park. Since girls and women are almost not using the field we suggest to reduce the field's size and build more crosswalks and benches.
How e-petitions work?
Everyone can register a petition on E-Women make a change in their city. It is possible to register through FB or create an account.
For a petition to be taken into consideration by local government it has to receive at least 500 votes. Voting at E-Women web-platform will take no more than few minutes.
Local government's decision
When the petitions is supported by 500 votes local government has to take a decision towards it. Petition can either be supported or declined by the local government.
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